The Hangover Part 2

Again, I’m not analyzing the movie. So here is a brief summary:

The wolfpack heads to Thailand for Stu’s wedding. Yet again they lose one of the gang with no recollection. They spend the next two days searching for him. They find him. The end.

The Hangover 2 in 5 sentences! Obviously this isn’t the full summary, so here’s the link to the IMDB synopsis.

Once again, Ken Jeong portrays Mr. Chow. And once again, we are introduced to Mr. Chow before we actually see him. This time, instead of subtly referencing Chow’s penis by using shoe size, Chow’s penis is out for everyone to see.

Is it a worm?” – Phil

And the tiny penis jokes are back. Really Hangover, did we not get enough of tiny penis jokes in the first movie? And yet again, Jeong’s been castrated before we even meet him. *sigh* Looks like the first Hangover covered all the different ways to feminize Jeong so they’ll just have to repeat them.

Does this photo remind you of one we looked at before? Perhaps the photo of Mr. Chow in the desert in the first Hangover? Let’s examine how Jeong is dressed. He’s wearing a pair of oversized, red glasses and an extremely colorful scarf. Again the character is portrayed wearing feminine clothes and accessories.

Let’s also look at his body language – tilted head – further perpetuating the effeminate portrayal of Mr. Chow. SURPRISE…but not really because we also saw this in the photo of Mr. Chow in the desert.

It seems like The Hangover ran out of ideas to make Mr. Chow even more emasculated. So instead they faced the issue head on.

Let’s be honest for a second. Before watching this scene, did you think Mr. Chow was gay? If you answered no, YOU’RE A LIAR! If you answered yes, then you thought exactly what the creators of The Hangover wanted you to think. Even the characters in the movie stifle a laugh when Chow first mentions he has a wife. The sad thing is, the creators probably thought they were making a statement about how people perceive Asians as being homosexual or very effeminate. I mean it’s nice of them to try to dispel that image, but it’s very contradicting seeing as they made Chow into the emasculated character he is. If they were really trying to challenge this idea, why didn’t they just make Chow more masculine and less feminine? Nice try Hangover, but not good enough.


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