The Hangover

Since I’m not analyzing the movie, here is a brief summary:

 A group of friends go to Las Vegas for a bachelor’s party. They wake up the next morning with the groom nowhere to be found and no recollection of the entire night. In their quest to find the groom, they recall all the crazy things they did and become even closer. They find the groom. The end.

 The Hangover in 5 sentences! If you have not seen The Hangover yet, here is a link to the IMDB synopsis.

During the movie we are introduced to…well at first we don’t know who he is, but I’ll give you a hint: it’s Ken Jeong. Unfortunately this was the best quality clip I could find…so please ignore that the Youtube video is called “Asian in Trunk of Car”…


If your immediate response is something along the lines of, “Um…what just happened?” Then you and I had the same reaction. Let’s analyze shall we? *cue CSI theme song*

Before we even know that there’s a person in the trunk, Ken Jeong is introduced by Alan who finds a pair of black shoes in the back seat. To which Phil asks if they are “women’s shoes”. Ding ding ding! We have our first piece of evidence that Ken Jeong portrays an emasculated Asian American male in the movie, and it is less than subtle. Stu goes on to describe the shoes are size 6. What exactly is he implying by stating the shoe size? Come on people, I know you all know the myth that the size of a man’s shoe correlates to the size of a man’s penis (which, in case you didn’t know, is completely untrue). And according to the internet, the average American male’s shoe size is 10 and a half. So we already have this image of a man with a teeny-tiny penis, thus castrating Jeong before we even meet him.

When we finally do see Ken Jeong, he’s naked! Does he being naked makes this scene comical? Or is it the fact that when he jumps out of the trunk, his penis is in Phil’s face? Or is it because he ends up running away? It’s probably a combination of all the above, but whether we’re laughing at his nakedness, his homoerotic encounter with Phil, or the way he runs away from the fight, we’re all laughing at the same thing – the emasculation of the character.

As stated earlier, I’m not analyzing the entire movie…so let’s skip to the end!

The photo above is from Ken Jeong’s final scene in The Hangover. This is the scene we finally learn Jeong’s character’s name.

We didn’t get your name last night.” –Stu

Mr. Chow…Leslie Chow.” – Chow

Leslie? My first reaction was, “Isn’t that a girl’s name?” So being a young adult who grew up with search engines that can answer any question I may have, I googled “the name Leslie”. The first hit,, told me that Leslie is typically a girl’s name (go ahead and try it, google “the name Leslie”).

If his name isn’t emasculating enough, let’s take a closer look at the above picture. What is Jeong wearing? He has on white pants, a glitter gold track jacket, oversized glasses, and lots of jewelry. What’s with the color scheme? The oversized glasses are reminiscent of a pair of women’s glasses, and he is wearing an excessive amount of jewelry. People are paid a lot of money to dress and accessorize actors for movies. They are not paid to dress actors in what looks good, but rather to dress them to represent the character they are portraying. Who is Ken Jeong portraying here? Apparently he’s portraying a man with feminine clothing and accessories.

Let’s look at the picture one last time? Is there anything we missed? Oh yeah, his body language and hand placement – popped hip and “soft” hands (as a ballerina would call them) – which only further perpetuate the effeminate portrayal of Mr. Chow.


In arguably Ken Jeong’s most famous role as an actor, Jeong portrays Mr. Chow as a feminine Asian male and thus perpetuating the emasculated Asian American figure.

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  1. Banban said:

    I’m sorry to say, but actually, you are a disgusting human being. Really. I LOVE Leslie Chow so much, and I think he is attractive as fuck. Even tho he is playing a mean agressive (and smoking hot) Asian gangster, doesn’t mean he is an “asshole” in real life. By only googling “Ken Jeong” a few minutes, you will notice that the actor himself is a super nice, cute and extremely intelligent man (he even was a doctor before and graduated with 16!). He is especially so lovely with his wife, he even was there for her when she had cancer!

    I have to honestly say, I’m in love with him (like seriously) since last year, when I re-watched Hangover 1. I ended up buying all three movies again and re-watching them a lots of times when I was sad, and it really worked, I feel better now. Thanks to this guy, today I’m learning Japanese and Chinese, which are my 5th and 6th languages. I have to say once again, for me, he is the most attractive Asian guy on this earth, I would do him every second of my life and I would even be his wife. I really, truly love him. He inspired me to learn more about the Asian culture, and of course, I don’t think all Asians have small penises. Every idiot knows that in the movie, he is just playing the “stereotypical Asian”, which he success on doing it.

    After I’ve found out about his wife and children, I kinda fell into a little sad phase for around 1 month. I even wished them to have a divorce as soon as possible. But after thinking about it wisely (and googling a little about his private life), I have to honestly say: He totally deserves it to have such a lovely family and such a supportive wife. I’m not even mad or sad anymore. I mean, if he would have no one right now, means no children and no wife, I would feel like he is not happy with his life, and even that would make me sad, even more sad than him being married.

    I consider myself as “the biggest fangirl of Chow Leslie/Ken Jeong of all the time”, because as I said, he inspired me to do many things I would have never been capable to do in my whole life without knowing him. It’s just like with religion. I’m personally an atheist, but when people need religion, no problem, go on and believe in whatever/whoever you want! Most people feel like they need someone/something to believe in to actually be happy/motivated in life, and that’s okay, that’s how life works. Being inspired by something/someone is great, as long as you don’t hurt or harm anyone, it’s your thing to believe in whatever you want. And my “religion”, is Ken Jeong aka. Leslie Chow.

    I hope you understand my deep feelings for him, it may kinda sound strange and stupid what I’m writing right here, but I’m really feeling so much for him, I would do ANYTHING to become his wife, but I’m pretty sure that I would be a bad wife. Of course to be realistic, I will never be his wife or never meet him, and I don’t mind about that. And on top of that, he already has a fantastic wife which supports him so much, and I’m very glad about that. He has a ten times better life than most people on this earth and he deserves with.

    Have a nice day and I hope you re-think about what you wrote in that blog.
    -MCW aka. BBB

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